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Ombré Powder Brows

Ombré Powder Brows are the hottest must-have service taking over the beauty industry! Micropigmentation aka microshading is a form of cosmetic tattooing that is officially known as Permanent Makeup (PMU). It involves using a machine and tiny needle to gently scratch the surface of the skin to implant pigment. The desired result is soft, powdery filled brows in a perfectly defined shape with a natural Ombré fade in the front.


Ombré/ Powder Brows information sheet 

The Ombré Powder Brows service is a 2-step process of:

Initial Appointment (3-3.5 hours)

Complimentary Touch Up Appointment 6-8 weeks later (60-90 mins)

The Initial Appointment includes:

Consultation where the entire process will be explained in depth, medical and skin history from client consent forms will be reviewed and all questions will be answered

Custom shaping of the brows that the client will review and approve

Custom color selection according to client skin tone

Outline and shading of the brows (the actual tattooing)

Going over After Care Kit and Instructions, and scheduling the complimentary Touch Up Appointment for 6-8 weeks later

The shading itself involves minimal pain and discomfort due to the use of a topical anesthetic that numbs skin. It is comparable to threading the brows. 90% of clients state that the pain was tolerable and minimal, while many even fall asleep.

A separate, initial consultation can also be scheduled for clients who aren’t quite ready to commit so they can meet the artist and get all questions answered, as well as get their brows shaped to see how they will look.

The recovery process is an initial 2 weeks for the outside of the skin to heal, but full healed results take about 4 weeks so that pigment can settle inside the skin.

The complimentary Touch Up at 6-8 weeks is to perfect the brows and address any issues with healing or corrections needed. In some cases, this session may not be needed.

All appointments include an After Care kit with all items you will need and detailed instructions.

Results typically last 1-3 years before beginning to fade. Results vary based on skin type, lifestyle and adherence to After Care instructions.

Annual touch up is recommended to maintain. Clients returning for touch ups will never pay for full service, but have discounted Returning Client Touch Up rates.

Clients must review the list of restrictions to ensure they are an eligible candidate for PMU before booking. They must also agree to follow PreCare and After Care instructions to ensure optimal healed results.

Corrective brows and PMU removal are also available for those with previous work.

Important notes:

Microshading is not the same as a traditional body art tattoo because it does not go as deep. Therefore, it does not last forever and should gradually fade away over time if not maintained.

Microshading is also different than microblading, which uses a razor to slice/cut lines that mimic hairstrokes. This is not recommended for most skin types because it results in more trauma to the skin and typically requires more touch ups.

Microshading is suitable for ALL skin types, causes minimal trauma to the skin and requires minimal maintenance and touch ups!

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What our customers are saying

  • Tameka Clark  is a licensed Tattoo Artist in the state of Florida. I specializes in the Ombré Powder Brow technique of Microshading/ Micro pigmentation with numerous certifications, is Bloodborne Pathogen certified and a licensed aesthetician.

Tameka Clark

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