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Pricing & Payments  

Please note: Bee Natural Locks services will reflect a change in service(s) and products. Please be aware that some of this pricing will be base upon the growth, length, and density of the hair, which will apply for ALL of our clients.

Special Introductory Pricing !!

3-Visit Package: Includes Consultation, Locking session, Follow-up
 Sisterlocks: $950 for the first 6 inches, and $100.00 per additional inch after.
Interlocks/Mircolocks: $350 for the first 6 inches and $25 per additional inch after

2-Visit Package: Includes Consultation, Locking session
Traditional Locks: $125 for the first 6 inches and $10 per additional inch after 

*Your total 3-Visit Package & 2-Visit Package price can be paid by installment if you desire. Partial can be made via PayPal by sending to be[email protected]

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required for the Consultation.
This deposit will go toward the cost of your service.
Consultation Deposit Price (Non Refundable)
$50 for install clients
$$35 for transfer clients
$35 for traditional clients
$25 for natural hair clients

 Locking Session Deposit 
  $100  (deposit is required to hold your Locking Session appointment
           these deposits will go toward the cost of your service)

 Retightening  & Retwist (4-6wks)
$95 For Sisterlock Retightening 
$85+ For Interlock Retightening
$75+ For Traditional Retwist 
*7wks & over will apply additional $10.00
**Kids Are $10 Off**
note : I do not service clients over 12 weeks of new growth.  

Grooming/Repair - $85.00 
Edge Line Retightening- $20 (front) $30 (full edge line)

Lock Services:
Roller Set, Bantu Knots, or Soft Spike Curls - $30+
Pipe Cleaner Set - $40+
Style Simple- $25+
Style w/ Wash - $30+

Olaplex Treatments - $35.00 ($5 More for length more than 8 inches)
Light Treatments- $15 ($10 More for Shampoo)

Natural Hair Services:
Shampoo & Conditioner - $20.00
Shampoo & Style - $65+ (additional $10.00 for cut)
Shampoo & Deep Conditioning - $25.00
Boost Treatment- $65+ (includes shampoo, deep condition treatment, silk press, trim)
4Month Basic One Step- $125 *$65 for Kids  (includes shampoo, deep condition treatment, silk press, trim)

Braids Services:
Box Braids-
  • SM- $200
  • M- $155
  • LG- $125
*Longer Than Mid Back Length Additional $25
 Poetic Justice Braids:
  • SM-$175
  • M-$135
  • LG-$100
*Longer Than Mid Back Length Additional $25
  • Regular- $75
  • Kids- $55
  • Any Loose Hair Style Crochets- $90
Kids Braids:
$45+ (Depending On Style)
*Additional $10 With Extension
*Additional $20 With Extension & Accessories 

Re-tightening Classes
$250.00 (along with $75.00 Non-Refundable Deposit)

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