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Welcome to Bee Natural Locks has created a great product line to cater to all hair textures. We created Bee Natural Locks Products to fill a much needed problem with our hair. I find that quality is always better than more!! Check out all the things Bee Natural Locks have for you!! From products to  hair services, and Permanent make up. We got you covered. Our! office located in Tampa Florida. Tameka Clark is a licensed cosmotogoly and licensed tattoo artist. Tameka Clark is a certified Sisterlocks evaluator, Brand Ambassador, and certified Sisterlocks R Consultant. Please free to check out our page and book all services for Tameka Clark by clicking on our link tree page which will fast track you to all services Tameka Clark has and or provide.

Giving GREAT one on one Services at a professional level is our #1 Mission.

-Thank you for considering Bee Natural Locks to start or continue your journey with Sisterlocks or Permanent Makeup.

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