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Sisterlock Services

Sisterlocks™ is offered as a 3-visit package:

First Visit: The Consultation

During the Consultation we will discuss your personal hair care history, lifestyle, and styling preferences. We will discuss how to maintain and care for your Sisterlocks™ and answer any questions you may have.

Several sample locks will be placed in your hair, and you will be asked to wash it at least twice before your Locking Session. This will assist me in determining the correct lock size & pattern, how well the locks will hold, settling-in time, etc

At the conclusion of your consultation you will be quoted a price to establish your Sisterlocks. Pricing is dependent upon hair length, density, and size of head. The Locking Session will then be scheduled for two weeks after the Consultation. A deposit is required to hold your appointment for your locking session and will be applied towards the total cost of the 3-Visit Package.

Second Visit: The Locking Session

Please arrive for your Locking Session with hair clean, air-dried, and free from any oils, conditioners, moisturizers, or grease. I schedule these sessions over a 2 to 3-day period, so bring a good book, and lots of patience. I will provide the snacks, a large selection of movies, free Wi-Fi, and a comfortable atmosphere. At the end of this session you will be given a Starter Kit containing Sisterlocks™ starter shampoo, rubber bands, and a tip sheet on grooming and shampooing as your locks settle in. And oh yeah… you’ll also have a full head of beautiful Sisterlocks™ and a whole new attitude.

  Be sure to schedule your follow-up visit before you leave. Good maintenance is the key to gorgeous Sisterlocks™ over time.

Third Visit: The Follow Up

The Follow-Up visit should be scheduled no more than 4 weeks after the Locking Session preferably 3 weeks after, during which time you will have washed your hair at least twice. At this time I will examine your locks to monitor their integrity, re-tighten them, and give you an estimate as to how long it will take for your locks to settle in. Please note: If this Follow-Up visit does not take place within 4 weeks of your locking session, or if you come to this visit with product in your hair or otherwise having not followed proper maintenance instructions, you will be charged a full Re-tightening fee. You will then receive your free re-tightening at a later date.

Ongoing Maintenance

Once you have made the investment in getting Sisterlocks™ you will want to protect that investment. Sisterlocks™ are LOW maintenance, not NO maintenance. It is very important to the development of your newly formed Sisterlocks™ to get regular re-tightenings in order to monitor the progress of your locks and to incorporate the new growth. 


In a Grooming session I will assess each lock individually and trim loose hairs that are escaping the locks and creating a fuzzy appearance. Note that Grooming isn’t a necessary service; but many clients like a more neat and manicured look to their locks as opposed to a fuzzy look.


Occasionally you may find that your locks aren’t as uniform as they should be. This could represent as a lump in the lock, a thin area in the lock, etc., and could be caused by many factors — including medications you may be taking at the time. I will address these as I find them during your Retightening sessions. However, if there is a case where — for whatever reason — there are lots of repairs needed, we can schedule a separate Repair session just for this. This session is also great for clients who have taken the "R" Class and have been approved to maintain there own locks. 


I currently offer the following styling services: Roller set, Bantu knots, Soft Spike Curler set, and Pipe Cleaner set. The hair will be lightly misted to moisten, set in the method of your choice, and dried under a hair dryer. Curlers will then be removed and the hair finger-combed/styled.s purpose.

Wearing our hair in its natural state alleviates the damage associated with chemicals, weaves, micro braids and removing added synthetic hair. Over time, your hair will grow longer with more volume.

Sisterlocks™ is a trademark company founded in 1993 by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell after years of research to perfect this unique hair locking system. This technique simply creates a stable woven framework in a lock of hair within which the natural interlocking process can take place. It uses your own natural hair — no glue, waxes, gels, chemicals, or extensions.

You don’t even have to cut off your relaxer! Sisterlocks™ can be started with as little as 1-1/2″ of virgin hair. The relaxed ends will be cut over time as your locks lengthen and mature, So whether you wear it freestyle, in an updo, ponytail, or curled, your Sisterlocks™ locking session will be the beginning of a new love affair with your own hair! No more bad hair days! And the true beauty of Sisterlocks™ is that they look different on everyone. In a room full of Sisterlocks™ clients, no two heads will ever look the same. Your locks will be unique to you!

Giving GREAT one on one Services at a professional level is our #1 Mission.

-Thank you for considering Bee Natural Locks to start or continue your journey. 

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